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title / 兜兜 (Dou Dou)
size / 180mm x 105mm (W x H)
pages / 28pp
colour / 4C+4C
printing / full colour digital print
binding / loose leaf 
year / 2018
copies / 1st edition of 50 copies

Dou Dou is a rescued dog found in Cheung Chau and she has been living with our family since 2015. I was used to be a freelance graphic designer living on the island, walking around with Dou Dou, enjoying the sea breeze and the sun.


However, three months after my daughter was born, we moved back to the city. Dou Dou didn't quite like city life, but she tried her best adapting to this change, and to learn how to live with my children. This zine expresses our love for Dou Dou.

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