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title / 長洲手札 (Cheung Chau note)
size / 180mm x 105mm (W x H) set of 4
pages / 32pp, 28pp, 28pp, 32pp
colour / 1C+1C
printing / risograph (black)
binding / saddle stitch, tided with reed 
year / 2018
copies / 1st edition of 250 copies

Living on an island instead of the city was like a dream come true. After me and my wife got married, we moved away from tall buildings and railways on to Cheung Chau, everything became so fresh and new and mind-blowing to us.


Feeling inspired by narrow lanes, singing birds and even neighbours’ breakfast dialogue, I started jotting down as many interesting things as possible and published the first chapter of my notes.


The whole project took more than 3 years to complete as I was feeling depressed in the middle of it and couldn’t create anything at all. However, seeing my children grow has given me great strength to overcome it and move on.


Cheung Chau notes remind us that there is a great pleasure to search for the tiniest beauty hidden in everyday life.

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