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We are yeungs’tudio, a young Hong Kong family now living in the UK. Art has always been a big part of this family, we have our own projects and we also work with various parties from time to time.


Jeff (Dad) is an artist / designer, Diana (Mom) is a cultural event producer and our 2 little gems Nora (5.5Y) + Judd (4) create authentic and inspiring artworks, too. 


We are on the move, which is an adventure totally new to us and we are very excited about the people that we’re going to meet and things that we’re going to explore on this journey. I am sure you will find interesting stories and inspiration from our works, so jump on board and ride with us.


(2021) #隔離學ZINE "IZINElation Club" interview

(2019) 逆權爸爸 // 帶仔女去遊行派自製小雜誌


(2016) 港產Zine浪潮part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 

(2015) 實驗自由的五個香港故事:香港zine小誌part 1 / part 2


(2019) Freedom-Hi zinecoop world tour

(2018) 長洲手札 -- 小片小片待續展  @ACO


(2018) Kowloon City Book Fair


(2015) Kowloon City Book Fair


(2015) Tokyo Art Book Fair


(2015) zine.自出版


(2015) Zine Scene (oddoneout x inkchacha)


(2014) Kowloon City Book Fair


UK +44 7873 652952 / HK +852 61580396

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